About Us

Agra is the famous place in India. On the banks of the river Yamuna this beautiful city is located with many attractive and his

Our vision is to simplify Indian cooking and bring you back to the basics with new nutrion, quality, flavour, aroma and taste . Our Spice blends fresh ingredients and your imagination will transform your craving into simple and satisfying cuisine. We are offering very wide range of authentic Indian traditional food. Our chef is highly qualified and having vast experience in Indian cuisine, we do you use fresh ingredients and organic herbs and spices, we are focused on providing best services with the highest level of customer satisfaction- we will do everything we can to meet expectations.

As the name suggests ” AGRA ” is treasure of Indian cuisine. Agra is the place for a fine dining experience where the tradition is blended with an imaginative and modern twist. The traditional recipes which hold the heritage of Indian cuisine, won the hearts of thousand food connoisseur. Agra delivers on all five facts of the dining experience- decor, ambience, service, food and value. As the restaurant itself states on its business card , Agra “comes to Spice you, to sizzle you ;  to tantalize you and to honour you, with Happy eating and healthy living.

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